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  • 11.12.2009 Sea of Life - Big C Magazine
  • 03.31.2010 A Sweet Escape to Paradise
  • A Sweet Escape to Paradise (The Dive Solana Experience)

    March 31, 2010

    It was a trip the whole WOWBatangas Team will never forget. The excitement and expectations were just prelude to the realization that Batangas is one blessed province with nature’s best abound. The vast sea, the curvaceous peninsula, the inviting sun – we had much of these wonders feeding our senses in this paradise called Dive Solana.

    The team was fortunate to have the chance of experiencing Dive Solana, a resort situated in San Teodoro, Mabini, Batangas. Dive Solana sits along the stretch of diving resorts in Anilao. Partly secluded, guests would be ensured with privacy and the kind of escape they want to have away from the hustles and bustles of the metro.

    The Resort

    Dive Solana is a family owned resort under the management of Solana-Kaigan Inc. Currently, the resort has eleven full time employees and three dive masters from a diving concessionaire. Guests will have a comfortable stay in any of the 16 rooms in the resort -Beachfront Cottages (1-4), Hillside Cottages (5-10), Bahura Suite (11), Twin Rocks Suite (12-14), and the Beatriz Suite (15) and the Solana Suite (16), the two largest rooms in the resort both located in the clubhouse.

    The resort underwent a massive facelift in July-December of 2009 and re-opened in January of this year. The buffet dining is one of the resort favorites. Of course, Dive Solana won’t be named as such if not for its premiere resort activity – scuba diving. Not only that, you can swim, snorkel, go kayaking, boating or island hopping. Learn more of all these as you read on.

    Loving Dive Solana

    We were just so amazed with how beautiful Dive Solana is. As I write this one, I try to bring back the accounts of our stay and how I want to turn those mental representations into something that would make you, as a reader, feel what we have experienced from our stay.

    Once you reach the entrance of Solana (parking area is right here), you have to go down to several stairs before you reach the resort proper. Yes, your feet would tire and you’d have to catch your breath as you go down but it would only last for a few minutes because the moment you land on the reception area, your exhaustion will fade away with the place’s exquisiteness and natural charm.

    We could not help but marvel on what we saw. It was like viewing something that popped out of a travel magazine, a world-class destination right in front of our eyes. And as we settled our selves, the sun and the sea started to allure us. But we had to put off our fervour for a later time. So we diverted to other activities we could do in the area. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a good book. Kids can draw or have fun in the playground. Plus, the clubhouse is a Wi-Fi zone so you can stay connected with the online world. And for the shutterbugs, there are a lot of interesting subjects you might want to capture in Solana.

    The team was welcomed by the very amicable resort director, who shared with us more interesting facts about Dive Solana. After the resort tour, the team had the first Solana buffet meal – and this is what you call real gastronomic adventure! If you’ll have an overnight stay, you will have four buffet meals and a light snack. You don’t have to worry if you have food allergies or if you’re vegetarian. Solana has flexible menu. While eating, an easygoing music will play on the background, making your dining a more delightful experience. How’s the food? Well, it’s one of the reasons why the team never wanted to leave Solana. (See the reviews below)

    The beach, sparkling with the afternoon sun’s rays, looked enticing. We gave in eventually. The team spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach – trading hours on swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, and picture taking. Unfortunately, we were not licensed divers so scuba diving was out of the picture (at least for now). It was, for me, the team’s most enjoyable afternoon to date. And I was just so glad it was in Solana. There were no signs of tiredness, or maybe they were just disregarded at that time due to the amusement that overwhelmed us. Ang araw na mismo ang sumuko sa amin.

    As the day wound down, the atmosphere suddenly turned intimate. It’s the kind of feeling anyone would fall in love with: so relaxing, very cozy, very much like having your own paradise. True to the resort’s endeavor, we were able to experience how it is like to have a beach house. Solana’s best deal, aside from the fabulous facilities and amenities, is the actual resort experience itself. The friendly and very accommodating resort staff would pamper you with their warm and genuine service.

    Dive Solana could be your own paradise for a day or for a week, depending on how long you could get over with its unrelenting comfort. It may be one of the high-end resorts in Anilao but it’s surely worth your hard-earned money. You might want to check the room rates and other resort details here.

    Endowed with nature’s grace, this is one great place to have total relaxation. And as for the WOWBatangas Team, Dive Solana is definitely the sweetest escape.

    Dive Solana Video Highlights

    WOWBatangas Team’s Review

    More than its beauty, I was stunned by its sublimity. I could not help but praise God for His wonderful creations and for bringing our team to Solana. I could not contain the joy I had after spending great time in the resort. The view was more than magnificent. I could not actually think of exact words to describe what my naked eyes have witnessed. (How much more if I were able to see the sanctuary and the diverse marine life under the sea.) As for the food, certainly fit for king. Kudos to Roman for being such a great cook! All in all, the experience was perfect. Dive Solana is definitely one of the bestest places under the sun! -GERLIE

    Dive SolanaÖI can tell so many things about the place but itís only 10% of making you feel what a happy experience we had in this trip. I love, love the beach. Solana will give you an extravagant treat for the sensesÖ Whatís the best thing about Solana is the privacy and peacefulness of the resortís vicinity. Itís like you own the place and youíd never want to leave. I fell in love with the kayak and the snorkel, the view of Tingloy and Sombrero Island across, and the resortís bangus ala pobre. – DYAN

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