About Solana

OLANA translates as "a place in the sun" where, regardless of the weather, guests are warmly welcome to enjoy respites by the sea. Nestled in the hilly, coastal peninsula of Anilao, Batangas, Solana Resort provides generous space, salt air and thick flora to relax mind and spirit.

Fun, Leisure & Experience

To energize the senses, one can go swimming, snorkeling, boating and, in particular, scuba diving - always a special experience in viewing the abundance of exotic reef life for which Anilao is internationally known. There are nearby islands to explore, and dozens of various dive sites ranging from easy garden slopes to challenging walls and bajuras. Above or underwater, one is pampered and stimulated by the bountiful sights and sounds of a tropical marine environment.

Come alone or with a buddy; or better yet, come with the whole family. SOLANA is child-friendly and has a wide range of recreational activities for all. Additionally, facilities and services for weddings, company excursions, seminars, conventions and other group activities can also be arranged.

Equally enjoyable is to simply lounge in our spacious beachfront, sipping a cool, freshly squeezed fruit juice - with or without a book. Observing wave patterns and the islands beyond, or gazing at gorgeous sunsets and luminous moonsets, are magic moments of quiet contemplation.

The environment at the sea is known to enhance one's appetite. 'Eat-as-much-a-you-like' buffet meals are served to satisfy East and West tastes as well as special diet needs and preferences. In our dining cabanas with a view of the sea, we like our guests to have their fill of food for both body and soul.

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Suites & Amenities

Sixteen cottages are fitted to induce restful slumber. Each cottage is air-conditioned, with private shower, toilet and amenities to ensure the comfort of our guests. Twin, triple and family accommodations, all with separate balconies, are available. Each suite has cable tv, as well as, free wifi connection in our dining area and clubhouse. Solana also has two separate quarters for our guests' staff. Click here for a more detailed listing of our amenities.

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More than just a leisure resort, SOLANA is a nature sanctuary easily accessible by the good roads, just under three hours drive from Makati City. Pull away from the stress of the crowded city and move out to the wide open, breezy space of the relaxing, healing sea!

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